Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fist Bump. Balalalala.

We are big fans of Disney animation in this house. I don't cry often, but when I do, it's normally because I am watching a made believe character who just experienced a tragic event and overcame it. Even with reruns, I become this big old mess. I am worst with Toy Story 3.

Every year, after my kids' combined party, I make a note and say I will never have a house party again. The prep, mess, and chaos are not even the reasons. My AC unit always breaks down the day of the party. Imagine 60+ people to include both kids and adults. All cooped up in my living room in the 90-degree Georgia humid summer weather. Every year since we've gotten this house, it's been the same story. Then, I get in this mode of choosing a character that Party City doesn't carry decor for weeks prior, and I run with it. I come up with unique designs and games. I become committed and I never look back. Same story every time. Darn AC unit fails every time.

The outcome is a bit of magic. Everything falls into place and my kids have a blast. The guests' bellies fill up and the kids go home with sugar rush.

Food: We served buffet style of pizza, hotdogs, and Filipino cuisine. 
Games: Pin Baymax's eyes, Pingpong with Baymax's eyes Spoon Race, Build your own Baymax using marshmallows and toothpicks.


Next year, I might do Finding Nemo theme since my favorite movie's sequel is finally coming out! I am more than excited. I have waited more than a decade for it.

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