Friday, February 5, 2016

Raising a Lefty

I find it so cool that I am raising a lefty. Early on, we noticed his left hand always reached for everything. It evolved to his ability to hold, throw, and eat exclusively with his left hand. I didn't know how to deal when I first learned it, that I tried to train him to use his right hand instead. I stopped the moment I saw his left hand twitch when I held his arm so he would use the other one to reach for his toy. I asked myself the reason for my need to make him a right-handed human and I was stumped. I had no answer other than "because I am". The moment I uttered it aloud, I let go of his left arm and let him go crazy with it. I looked at my 4-month old baby and just got really excited that I was raising this individual with an evident uniqueness about him.

The only thing I knew about left-handed folks was that they were generally creative individuals. Every single lefty I know are creative. That's about 3 out of hundreds. That is where I got my statistic. Yes, it is a little bias. I have many years to explore this unknown territory and I can't wait to share it with all of you.

I did find an online store that cater exclusively to these special individuals. I guess his gifts when he becomes school age will be gadgets that will make his life easier.

Also, if you ever find yourself in Seaport Village in San Diego, California, there is a neat little place called the Left Hand Store tucked away in there.

Are there any leftie mom bloggers out there that can share tips and give advice raising this boy?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Her Dollhouse

I've searched high and low for ideas for an affordable dollhouse for my daughter. I kept convincing myself that building one did not look hard. After all, it is my lifelong dream to be an Architect. I also had someone willing to let me use his workshop, as long as I brought him a 6-pack. I sat in the playroom drafting plans when I realized that the Ikea Besta TV Stand my friend gave me years ago can fit an 18" doll. I did a quick search on Craigslist if someone was selling another one. With a sprinkle of glitter and wave of a magic wand, someone was selling the same exact version! The European version with some odd shape shelving in the middle, to be exact. I stacked them both together and took the shelves off and boom, a two-story dollhouse for her 18" dolls. Soon, we will put wallpaper, faux tiles, and other fancy things. For now, I present to you my daughter's little corner.

This is how I originally designed one of the 2nd floor cubes. It's the "Our Generation: It Seams Perfect" play set. It is so darn cute. I was at Target days after Christmas and saw this in the go-back cart they had in the midst of holiday clearance madness. It looks like Amazon has it for sale since it looks like Target no longer carries it. The shelving is actually the packaging from the Our Generation Kitchen play set. They fit most Shopkins perfectly.

Our Generation: It Seams Perfect from Target
This is the 1st floor cubes. The kitchen is a hit with my son who loves to eat.
Our Generation Scooter and Kitchen play set.
Hello Kitty Jewelry Box and random ornaments
from Walmart as a chandelier and cupcake.
The hot cocoa is actually made out of Q-tips by my daughter. She makes me so proud with her creativity. She colored the top light brown and the stick red for straw. Clock is from the Hello Kitty Bed play set.
AG dog Sugar. Found him at TJ Maxx.

We haven't bought them any beds yet, so they're lying on makeshift platform beds.

Ikea here in the US also sells Besta. I originally wanted it to be vertical instead of horizontal, but my mover - aka husband-who-has-muscles refused to do it that way. Flipping the Besta on its side has a longer height, making room for lights you can stick on. It gets very dark in these cubes. She uses a desk lamp that she shines on the house when she is playing.

It's pretty fun to watch her decorate this and have fun with it. I never thought I would be a doll-mom. The AG dolls are just so adorable. Sometimes I even volunteer to brush their hair and I sit there like a crazy lady humming while I do it.