Friday, February 5, 2016

Raising a Lefty

I find it so cool that I am raising a lefty. Early on, we noticed his left hand always reached for everything. It evolved to his ability to hold, throw, and eat exclusively with his left hand. I didn't know how to deal when I first learned it, that I tried to train him to use his right hand instead. I stopped the moment I saw his left hand twitch when I held his arm so he would use the other one to reach for his toy. I asked myself the reason for my need to make him a right-handed human and I was stumped. I had no answer other than "because I am". The moment I uttered it aloud, I let go of his left arm and let him go crazy with it. I looked at my 4-month old baby and just got really excited that I was raising this individual with an evident uniqueness about him.

The only thing I knew about left-handed folks was that they were generally creative individuals. Every single lefty I know are creative. That's about 3 out of hundreds. That is where I got my statistic. Yes, it is a little bias. I have many years to explore this unknown territory and I can't wait to share it with all of you.

I did find an online store that cater exclusively to these special individuals. I guess his gifts when he becomes school age will be gadgets that will make his life easier.

Also, if you ever find yourself in Seaport Village in San Diego, California, there is a neat little place called the Left Hand Store tucked away in there.

Are there any leftie mom bloggers out there that can share tips and give advice raising this boy?

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  1. Be careful not to exclusively support creative hobbies. Growing up left handed, I had all the art supplies any kid could ever want, but I also had a serious interest in mathematics and computers which was not as actively encouraged. As someone who now does digital art, it is a little sad that I never actually owned a real computer until I built one for myself in college.
    The other thing to keep in mind, most gym teachers don't have the patience to teach left handed children how to throw, dribble, kick or bat left handed. I had to learn everything right handed even though I was not as coordinated with my right hand. Take the time to learn how to do some of these things left handed so you can teach him yourself.