Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Medicine Bag

What's in your baby medicine bag?

Through experience, I found that buying a pre-arranged medicine/first aid bag is not worth it. Especially with babies, it's important to have the medicine and ointments that they're already accustomed to. The last thing you want is applying a rash cream that the baby is allergic to while traveling.

I like this compartment that I bought for my first baby years ago. It separates the dry stuff with the liquids. I wish it even tri-folds. Maybe a diy that I can make later on.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hair Conundrum

What to do with the wispy baby hair that grows after pregnancy? Bang it out.

With both my pregnancies, my hair fell out after giving birth. With my first, I even went to the doctor baffled why I was losing hair. Six to seven months later, baby hair galore. I am a very low maintenance girl. When I get ready, I take 10 mins tops. So, really the only solution for me is cover them with bangs, put hair up in ponytail, and bam, done.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Travel with Babies

Phew! We made it! Thank God! That was definitely challenging. I am an over-packer so yes, I pushed a carry-on full of things I thought I would need for my baby. That's in addition to the stroller, baby seat, backpack, and my kids. Of course, I didn't use anything from it.

The entire time, people were trying to lend a helping hand. My petite structure must have made carrying my baby, pushing stroller and suitcase, and coaching my 5-yr old look extremely difficult. I looked like a teen-mom for sure. One of the flight attendants asked where the dad was. Oh the joys.

But we made it! We're here! Thank you my Beco. Without you, this whole experience would have been crazy. Oh and thank you my  feeding cover. And yes I like thanking inanimate objects. And to the people of New York and New Jersey, you are some of the most helpful and hospitable people I have run into.