Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Break is Over, Shortie!

I apologize to the few readers who found my site useful and hoped for more. I plan to be back with how we are doing now and share some tricks and tips I learned the past months. Just a quick hello for now. I have not grown an inch vertically since I last wrote. My then baby, is now a toddler. He has great leadership skills like her sister; insert sarcastic emoji here. I also started working, so I had to bid farewell to my everyday fluffy hello kitty house slippers and polished up my heels.

So, two things to mention. I found the most perfect and budget friendly stroller for petite moms and my baby carrier is still as good as it was. I'll do a review on the stroller soon, but I have the Baby Jogger City Mini GT! This bad boy has a handle bar that adjusts! I know, I know, pretty exciting stuff!

Please stick around dear readers, followers, stalkers. I may no longer have to tow a baby around, but I am still short and these children still need me to do things for them. There are tons of adventures to be had! Big hugs!